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Concerns & Situations while Negotiating an Employment Agreement

Feb 14, 2024 | Blogs

Concerns & Situations while Negotiating an Employment Agreement

Both the employer and the employee should empathize with each other’s perspectives when negotiating the terms of an employment agreement. This fosters mutual understanding, allowing them to address concerns and find solutions collaboratively. Simply presenting terms without considering each other’s concerns would be inappropriate. Instead, both parties should modify their proposals after taking into account each other’s expectations. It’s essential to communicate terms politely and respectfully, avoiding language that may cause offense. This approach can help establish a positive and healthy employer-employee relationship reflected in the employment agreement. In this blog, we will explore the concerns and situations encountered during the drafting of an employment agreement.

When a junior-level employee signs an employment agreement with a bigger startup or company?

In contrast to other contracts or agreements where negotiating parties typically engage as equals, in an employment agreement, the terms and conditions are typically dictated by the employer, leaving the employee expected to consent without objection. Junior-level employees, eager to kickstart their careers, often accept all clauses without negotiation. However, these clauses often favor the employer, leaving the employee with little to no bargaining power. Refusal to accept the terms can result in rejection, given the high supply of applicants willing to comply. This power dynamic can lead to frustration for the employee, who may resign prematurely, causing losses for both the employer in terms of time, energy, and resources invested in training.

When a senior-level employee signs an employment agreement with a smaller and bigger startup or company?

A highly experienced and qualified employee, possessing specialized skills and applying for a senior position, typically holds leverage when negotiating the terms and conditions of an employment agreement with both smaller and larger startups or companies. However, it can be challenging for such senior employees to secure approval for all their proposed terms from the employer. This difficulty arises because larger employers often have complex approval processes involving multiple departments and may need to modify management rules, making it cumbersome to accommodate all requests. Consequently, some senior employees may face rejection due to these logistical challenges.

When a junior-level employee signs an employment agreement with a smaller or beginner startup or company?

A junior-level employee may possess some degree of bargaining power when engaging with beginner or smaller startups or companies. They can actively participate in determining and negotiating the terms of the employment agreement. An employee with significant experience, skills, and qualifications may have an advantage in such negotiations. In this scenario, demand for such employees is high while the supply is low, further bolstering their negotiating position.

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Therefore, it’s crucial to craft an employment agreement that strikes a fair balance, ensuring consensus while safeguarding the interests of both the employer and employee, without any undue dominance. Additionally, given the employee-friendly nature of labor laws in India, the agreement must align with these regulations to avoid any violations. Startups are advised to seek guidance from lawyers specializing in startup law to ensure accuracy and compliance during the negotiation and drafting process. Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll explore the clauses integral to an employment agreement.


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