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We at THE STARTUP GIG assist our clients not only in incorporating the business but also in the pre-incorporation

Overview Of Company Registration in Mumbai

Registering a company legally establishes and recognizes a company. A company’s registration gives it legal rights or acknowledgment in a certain jurisdiction. A registered company is a separate entity in the eyes of law and it comes with the benefit of limitation of liability and protects the shareholders from losing their personal assets during market breakdown or company losses. It makes the process of opening a bank account, acquiring a loan, or attracting funding from investors much more convenient. tax exemptions are available for registered businesses and start-ups. It also helps to develop the brand value of the business and establish credibility in the market. Lastly transferring a registered business is also facile. So, registering a business not only gives it recognition but helps in its expansion.
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Why choose The Startup Gig For Company Registration Service in Mumbai

Company Registration In Mumbai | The Startup Gig

We, THE STARTUP GIG assist our clients not only in incorporating the business but also in the pre-incorporation process to determine which type of entity will best suit the client and his/her company’s needs.

After that, we work on filing and submission of the necessary paperwork with the appropriate authority to get the registration done ensuring all the pre-entry and post-entry compliances are complied with. Our company is a start-up itself, works with the vision to make the journey for other fellow start-ups work, and aims to make the deals work. We understand the nuances involved in the process. Each and every essential document is scrutinized and a legal vetting is done to ensure the way the business model operates is in accordance with the regulatory framework of the industry the company operates.

We are a start-up-oriented firm that has helped multiple start-ups and investors to seal the deal by ensuring security and protecting their respective interests. Our pedigree in working with start-ups makes our approach more service-oriented. Our concrete recommendations and solutions will ensure smooth operations and reduce the risk of any potential pitfalls.

Easy Steps For Company Registration In Mumbai

The steps to be followed for the registration of a company in Mumbai are:

  • Fill out the DIN-1 form and acquire the director identification number (DIN). This has to be mandatorily obtained by the directors and in the company registration form, the name and address proof has to be provided.
  • For the directors and the members of the memorandum and articles of association, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is mandatory.
  •  The SPICe+ (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating a Company Electronically) e-form needs to be filled in to register on the MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs) portal to further proceed with the other form fill-ups.
  •  After registering on the MCA portal, the certificate of incorporation of the company is issued once all the required documents are submitted and verified by the Registrar of companies.

Startup India: This has been built with the intention to build a strong base for the start-ups in India and reduce the regulatory burden on them so that they can focus on their core idea and business and this promotes the idea of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ and ‘5 trillion economies.’ Registering with Start Up India comes with a lot of benefits for startups to kickstart their business.

After incorporating the business, start-ups

  • Need to register on Startup India and
  • Avail Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) Recognition.
  •  After this, the recognition application needs to be filled and
  •  Once the documents for registration are submitted, a recognition number is provided.

Documents Required For A Company Registration in Mumbai

The following documents are a mandate to get the company registered in India:

  • ROC issues an original copy of the formal letter regarding the company name availability
  • ROC issues an original copy of the formal letter regarding the company name availability
  • Digital Signature Certificate(DSC),
  • Director Identification Number (DIN),
  •  Registration on the MCA Portal,·    Certificate of Incorporation

The director(s)/shareholders of the company needs to provide the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Election Card or Voter Identity Card
  • Ration Card
  • Driving License
  • Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill or any other Utility bill
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN card 
  • Residential proof
  • Bank statement 

Proof of the Registered Office Address

  • The rent agreement or the notarized copy of the lease in the name of the company along with a receipt of rent paid not older than a month or,
  • The required registered document of the title of the office premises of the registered office in name of the company
  • GST registration, ROC registration, PT registration, PF registration, and ESIC registration.

Apart from these, the following documents referred to as NOC by the landlord are needed to be additionally provided:

  • Electricity bill or Gas bill or Water bill or Telephone bill depicting the address of the registered office and not more than two months old. 
  •   Sale deed
  •   Property Tax Receipt

In the case of a partnership firm, with two or more owners, the partnership deed and bank account details are required.

In the case of a Public Limited Company, besides the Utility bill, Address proof, Pan Card details, the Memorandum of Association, and Articles of Association are required.

For more information regarding Steps to Register a company Mumbai read our Blog.


Iyer Gayatri
Iyer Gayatri
I would highly recommend Ms Pooja Terwad and her team .They are very professional and responsive. Pooja is generous with her knowledge and makes sure that all our queries are well attended. Glad to be associated with The Startup Gig.
Aakanksha G Paranjpe
Aakanksha G Paranjpe
Pooja and the team at The Startup Gig are extremely helpful, prompt and will give you sound legal advice- crucial for any new company. Thanks for always being just a phone call away!
Mantuja Bibi
Mantuja Bibi
The view Pooja handles her clients is commendable. For my startup..I couldn't have had a better lawyer. She spends a lot of time understanding the issue and then comes up with the best solution. Her team is equally competent. I have worked with Pooja and Shubhi on multiple contracts and transactions.
Aman Dasot
Aman Dasot
The company has been really helpful and has provided with very professional work and the most commendable part was the friendly guidance through the legalities. Kudos to Pooja and Deekhit:)
Saurabh Gupta
Saurabh Gupta
Great work by The Startup Gig! We have used their services and they are top notch in their segment. I would highly recommend their services to those who are running a startup and need a modern solution when it comes to legal matters.
Gaurav Srivastav
Gaurav Srivastav
Pooja is a ball of fire, gets the gist of the conversation quickly and is able to pin point important things to consider accurately. She is also able to give a quick holistic view of the available solutions.
Vaneet Garg
Vaneet Garg
Very Professional, helpful, listens to you with whole heartedly, Guide you in an efficient and realistic manner. Very satisfied with my interaction with them
Arjun Vijayanarayanan
Arjun Vijayanarayanan
I had a wonderful experience working with Pooja on a startup exit settlement agreement. All the processes, communications and pricing were all amazing. Their knowledge on all startup related issues/concerns and being flexible working with startups are all key for any startup to collaborate with The startup GIg 🙂 I highly recommend their services and I wish them the best 🙂
Pooja Terwad was quite responsive and patient enough in dealing my case. Also due to the current situation , she adjusted her schedule to suit my needs and we could do most of our discussion online which was time saving. Thank you so much for all the help that you done for me
Saurabh Agnihotri
Saurabh Agnihotri
For a startup there are too many things for founders to focus on. Thankfully startup gig reduces your burden for host of services related to legal and compliance and let’s you focus on your core work. It has been a very fruitful relationship for us.
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Frequently Asked Questions for Company Registration

Is company Registration required?
Yes, it is because a company which is not registered does not exist in the eyes of law
What is CIN?
CIN or Corporate Identification Number is a unique number used to find out the basic details about any registered company in India. It is assigned by the  Registrar of Companies (ROC) and it is mandatory to have this number to conduct business as a company in India
How many digits in the company registration number?
There are 21 digits in a company registration number

  • No. L72200WB2011PLC123456
  •  WB shows the state WEST BENGAL
  •  2011 shows the year of incorporation
  •  L stands for Listed
  •  72200 depicts the industry to which the company belongs
  •  PLC stands for Private Limited Company and the
  •  123456- the last five digits are the ROC number.
How is CIN different from CRN?
CRN or Company Registration Number is a six-digit number which  is used to identify the company and verify whether it is registered or not.