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How To Download GST Registration Certificate ?

May 25, 2022 | Blogs

How To Download GST Registration Certificate

A GST registration certificate is documentary proof issued to Businesses registered under the GST law in India. Businesses with a turnover that exceeds the threshold limit of GST are required to register their Businesses under GST or can register their Businesses.

After being registered to download the GST registration certificate is a smooth process, By a few steps, you can easily download the GST registration certificate. In this article, we get to know how you can download your GST registration certificate very easily.

Gst registration certificate

Steps How to Download GST Registration Certificate

There are three simple steps to Download the GST registration certificate, which are as follows:- 

1) Open the GST portal 

2) “Login” in your Respected account with your username & password along with solving the captcha is a required field.

3) After being “Logged in” click on services -> User services -> View/Download Certificate. 

The certificate contains all the details of the tax transactions. 

Download GST registration certificate online with GST number 

There is no way to download the GST registration certificate online without login into the GST portal. The GST portal only allows downloading the GST registration certificate after login into the portal with a username and password. Therefore only the businesses registered in the GST portal and logged in with the username and password can only download the GST registration certificate.

Content in the GST registration Certificate

The GST registration certificate has the main registration certificate along with the 2 annexures:-

  • Annexures – A 
  • Annexures – B 

The content in the GST registration certificate is as follows:-

  1. GSTIN number of the applicant
  2. Trade name & the legal name 
  3. Type of Business 
  4. Address of the Business
  5. Date of liability 
  6. Type of Registration
  7. Date of issuing the certificate 

The details in Annexure – A are as follows:-

  1. GSTIN number
  2. Legal name 
  3. Trade name 
  4. Additional Place of Business

The details in Annexure – B are as follows:-

  1. GSTIN number
  2. Legal name
  3. Trade name
  4. Information on the Business

Some Samples of the GST Registration certificate 

Samples of the GST registration certificate are as follows:- 

Validity / Time limit of the GST Registration Certificate

A GST Registered Certificate issued to Any Business does not have any validity date or time limit. GST registration of a Business can only get surrendered or cancelled by the GST Authority. 

The GST registration certificate is valid from the date when the person registered under GST registration if they submit the Registration application within 30 days.

If any Registration application comes under the case of delay by the GST officer under the rule GST 9(5), then the GST officer has to send a signed GST registration certificate within 3 working days.

If your business has not been registered under GST yet, you must register your business under GST to get your GST registration certificate. To Register, your Business person has to follow some steps to register your business under GST.

How to Apply for GST registration

You can apply for your Business GST registration certificate by submitting a registration application on the GST portal.

If any Business’s annual turnover exceeds the threshold limit of GST, it would require to apply for the GST registration. GST registration can be applied from the GST portal . After filling in all the personal details and verification of the applicant by the GST officer, the registration form shall be approved.

There may be cases where bank account details were submitted later on. Submission must be completed within forty-five days from the grant date of GST registration or the Due date of filing GSTR – 3B.

Documents Required in GST registration 

To register your Business under GST, you will be required to submit the following documents:-

  1. Pan Card 
  2. Identity Proof 
  3. Photograph 
  4. Address Proof
  5. Business Registration Documents 
  6. Business Location proof 
  7. Business Account proof 

How Long does GST registration take

Usually, GST registration takes 5 to 6 business days for verification by the GST officer from the date of the registration process. However, if any error comes in documents you have to resubmit that document and wait for the verification process would take more days. Check all the documents correctly before uploading your documents to the GST portal for verification or get it checked by an Accountant or a CA.

How to Change / Update in the Address in GST registration 

For changing / Updating the Address in GST registration, the procedure would be as follows:- 

  1. Submit FORM GST REG-14 with the required documents within 15 days of changing the address.
  2. After that, the GST officer will verify your registration application and approve it within 15 days in FORM GST REG – 15. If the GST officer does not approve your GST registration application then the officer serves a show-cause notice in FORM GST REG – 03.
  • The GST applicant has to reply in FORM GST REG – 04 within seven days.
  • If the GST officer is not satisfied with the reply, they can reject your GST registration application & pass the order in FORM GST REG – 05.

If your registration application got approved by the GST officer and no other action takes place then it is that the information has changed/Updated.

How to Amend change / Update in the GST registration 

In any case, if any of your core fields in the GST registration is wrong, the applicant can amend the change in the information on the GST portal. The Amendment required Approval of the application by the GST officer and after approval new amendment GST registration certificate will be downloaded by the GST portal. 

Some of the core field you can change in the GST portal are as follow:- 

  • Changes in the Legal or Trade name of the Business.
  • Place of Business
  • Additional place of Business
  • Addition or removal of any member in Business

How to make Amendments in registered core fileds

Amendments in the Registered information can be initiated in the following ways:-

  • Go to the GST portal 
  • Login with the help of Username and Password
  • Then click on Services -> Registration -> Amendments of registration core field link
  • Update/change in the fields required 
  • in the verification, tab select the verification checkbox
  • Select the Authorized Signatory 
  • Enter the name of the Place
  • After filling Application of amendments of registration, sign the application using a digital signature certificate (DSC) or the E-signature or the EVC.

For GST registration or more information about the GST registration visit our site.


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