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Top 10 Agriculture Startups in India

Apr 17, 2023 | Blogs

top 10 agriculture startups in india

India ranks second worldwide in the agriculture sector. As per a survey in 2018, this sector employed more than 50% of Indian workers and contributed over 16 to 17% to India’s GDP. India exported over $38 billion in agricultural product goods in 2013, which makes India the seventh-largest agricultural product exporter. India exports their agricultural products to both developed and least-developed nations. India also ranked first in the country which have highest-cropped areas.

India is the largest producer of milk, pulses, and spices and has the largest number of buffaloes as well as also essential with the largest area of rice, cotton, and wheat. India is second in the production of wheat, cotton, rice, fruit, vegetable, sugarcane, and sheep and goat meat.

To boost the agriculture situation to make it from better to best many startups have been founded in India. Here is the list of the top ten agriculture startups in India.


Ninjacart is located in Bangalore acting as the largest fresh agriculture food supplier in India founded by  Kartheeswaran K K,  Sharath Loganathan, Vasudevan Chinnathambi, Ashutosh Vikram, and Thirukumaran Nagarajan in June 2015. It is a B2C food delivery startup after that it was transformed into B2B agriculture technology startup to solve a major supply chain problem of agricultural products from farmers to retailers. The company acquiesces it helped over 3% of waste reduction which is caused through the food supply chain. Thus, this startup gives good profits to the farmers for their produce. 

There are many investors invested in ninjacart named Syngenta Ventures, trifecta capital, Larix, ABG Capital, steadview capital, M&S Partners, nandan nilekani, and ventures partner. Ninjacart has collected the fund of $330M in the year 2022. The company has generated total revenue of ₹940 crores. That is why ninjacart is the first to be considered in the top 10 agriculture startups in india.


Kheligadi is a Pune-based agriculture technology company that is working on its online platform. The company gives full service of agriculture technology solutions. It is mostly dominated in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, and Haryana. It is founded by Pravin Shinde in the year of 2016. The company is connected to over 5000 farmers through its online platform. 

Their website is built with the feature of 10 different languages by which users can easily navigate to their website and search for their requirements. It connects different segments of people like farmers, tractor manufacturers, dealers, brokers, and agriculture experts. This startup gives renting, buying, and selling farms’ machinery easier for a lot of farmers. Thus, the company has an annual turnover of $6.8m.


Crofarm is one of the pioneer agriculture startups in India over the top ten agriculture startups in India founded by Varun Khurana and prashant jain in the year of 2016. Crofarm formed a digital supply chain between farmers and businesses. To work this simpler and faster company claims to use AI digital tools for their agriculture products supply chain and logistics. Storage, supply to clients, logistics management all these are managed by crofarm. The company is also focusing on building a farmer’s community and helping them to produce the best agricultural products for their consumers,

Investors who had invested in crofarm for Vijay Mittal, Rajan andandan, India accelerators, and Pravega ventures. They had funded over $4m to crofarm. The annual turnover of crofarm is approximately $4.5m


Bhartiagri is also the Pune-based agriculture technology startup in India founded by sai gole and Siddharth dialani in the year of 2013. Bhartiagri aims to educate farmers digitally and help them to improve the cultivation practices of agricultural products. The company also provides services like pesticide expertise, soil analysis, and critical weather advice. They do a very costly analysis for the maximum production of yields. The company was now turned to the B2F model as they provide their services to farmers.

Currently, the company has a total of 12  investors who had invested in their company. Thus, the company has 47 crores of estimated revenue.


freshoKartz is a company located in Jaipur that provides soil advisory services and produces fresh farm agriculture products through a digital platform around 10000 different products are available on the website. It is founded by Rajendra Lora and Nagendra yadav is the year of 2016.

The company is act as an online marketplace for farmers. Who wants to buy products like seeds, fertilizers, soil, pesticides, and other farming accessories. Freshokartz has been funded by bamasaha techno with INR 20 lakhs and also for marketing worth 10 lakhs.

Intello labs

Intello Labs is a Gurugram-based agriculture technology company founded by Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah, and devendra Chandani in the year of 2016. Intello Labs begins with the vision of cutting down food waste. As they check the quality of fruits and vegetables digitally. This makes it less wasteful.

As per the investor perspective who had invested in the company samma capital they invested over INR7.6 crore whereas Omnivore, nexus ventures, AgFunder, and avaana capital invested INR3.88 crore each in the company. thus, intello labs have raised a total fund of $15.74M to date. The company’s total revenue is estimated at about $14.10M.


Agrostar is one of the top ten agriculture startups in India. It is Pune based agriculture technology startup founded by shardul sheth in the year of 2008. The company is offering advice, content, and agriculture input to farmers on its online platform. They also provide seeds, pesticides, pumps, tractors, expert advice about weather forecasts, agricultural data, and agronomy knowledge. They also have an app available for Android users.

Intestors of agrostar are accel, rabo frontier ventures, bertelsmann india investments and 14 other investors. Agrostar has a total fund of $124M to date.


Farm2fam is a Mumbai-based agriculture technology startup founded by seya salot in the year of 2018. As per the company name, farm2fam distributes fresh agriculture products directly from farms to their customers and claims that customers receive fresh products that are farmed without any kind of pesticides and herbicides. Currently, they serve more than 300 customers monthly. However, the demand of customers increased and many customers are prepared to pay extra money for high-quality products.


Dehaat is located in Patna and was founded by Shashank Kumar and Manish Kumar in the year of 2012. Dehaat is providing AI-based end-to-end farming solutions through its online platform. They offer farming advisory services, soil testing, and yield forecasting. They also provide credit and insurance to the farmers for their agriculture-related activities.

Dehaat has many investors named sofina, RTP Global, temasek, and 25 other inverters who had funded over USD 222M to dehaat. Company revenue is ₹2300 crore to date.

Jai Kisan

Jai kisan is founded by arjun ahluwalia and adriel maniego in the year of 2017. They offer credit facilities to the farmers on their online platform. they connect farmers with facilitating finance solutions. They also provide an agriculture marketplace for customers to buy farmer produces and agriculture advisory services to the farmers.

Many investors invested in their startup named unitary fund, yara growth ventures, Blume Ventures, and 58 other investors. Jai Kisan raised over USD 88M. Jai Kisan has a total revenue of ₹1460 crore.


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