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14 Best Business to Start in Bangalore

Apr 17, 2023 | Blogs

best business to start in bangalore

Bangalore is the capital and the largest city of Karnataka state. The city is well-known as the “silicon valley of India” as many information technology, software technology, and telecommunications companies are present here. In 1950 after large-scale immigration to Bangalore, the state heavily invested in the education and public sector, in present Bangalore now is one of the largest cities in the country. The city’s name was Bangalore before 2006 but its name was changed in 2006.

Bangalore is also a heaven city for those who want to do their own business because in Bangalore there is a very wide business opportunities and economic stability. Anyone who is planning to set up a valuable business idea in Bangaluru surely can do a highly profitable business there. As per Forbes Bengaluru is one of the “ fastest growing cities”. This means that small businesses will also grow as fast as this city grows.

All the above facts are enough to motivate all to start their business in Bengaluru. But it is also very important to know which business is the best to start in Bengaluru. So, if your question is “Best business to start in Bangalore (Bengaluru)?” then below is the list of some best businesses you can start with an easy setup in Bengaluru. 

Organic food production and delivery

In Banglore, a larger population of people are very much concerned about their health. That is why they love to eat organic food only. So, if someone rents a good area for cultivation and starts organic gardening, that will certainly become a profitable idea. You can also some more profits if you also deliver your organic products to the customer’s doorsteps. This will also help you win the trust of your customers.

Healthy fast food business

As people of Bengaluru have a very busy life which forces them to eat fast food. So, think of the best busy location for fast food shops in Bengaluru.

Paying guest services

Nowadays lack professionalism in the majority of paying guest services and if you do this in the right way, then surely this business is one of the best businesses for you. Thus, if you have an empty space in Bangaluru then, you should definitely start paying guest services business.

Cleaning services

As discussed above, people in Bengaluru have a very busy lifestyle. And they do have not too much time to look after their own home cleaning. Thus, for such situations, people need maids and cleaning services to take care of their houses. Therefore, if you establish a company that provides cleaning services then it will become successful in a very short time period.

Mobile phone/gadgets repair

Most people who did not want to buy new mobile phones and gadgets till they have a working device in their hand, those people will surely love this business of yours. This type of business was already existing in Bengaluru. But you can definitely beat them all by promoting your business online as most people are engaging online these days, getting good customer reviews in your online platform, and becoming the best mobile and gadgets repair company in Bengaluru. This idea makes gadget repair services the best business idea for Bengaluru. 

Software firm

Bengaluru is one of the major technology hubs of India. As well as Bengaluru is the best city for software companies to grow. So, if you have knowledge about this field or a team of experts with you. Then you can surely make your company one of the best software companies in Bengaluru. 

Online shop

The online shop is another one of the best business to start in Bengaluru. Nowadays a high number of people’s lives are enhanced with technology. Most people do their shopping online in this digital era. To upgrade this business you have to set up an online shop and decide what you want to sell to the customers. You can sell accessories, digital goods, groceries, luxury items, etc. 

Event management

We all know that most events are set up in big- cities. Same in the case of Bengaluru as the city is full of event management opportunities. For that people are always looking for an event manager for it. 

Delivery services

People of Bengaluru will love this business for sure because Bengaluru is a very busy city and people do not have that much time to go to buy something. That is why this business will go forward very fast and generate a good amount of profit for you in a short period of time.


When it comes to a city with a busy population then definitely there is a big demand for coffee and Bengaluru is one of those cities. So, why not set up a small coffee outlet in some busy place in Bengaluru! You can also sell different items also. A cafe is one of the best businesses to do in Bengaluru.

Property management business

Bengaluru is the home of millionaires and super-rich people. And they do not have time to manage their properties but they all are in search of someone who can manage their properties and for this, they will be ready to pay a good amount of money. So, if you are good in property dealing-related matters, then you should start a property management business.

Dry cleaning business

Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are becoming very difficult and highly time-consuming tasks for busy people and you can see the large population in Bengaluru looking to avoid this task in their busy lifestyle. Then there is the opportunity comes to you to start a dry cleaning business or business which can save the time of working-class people.

Beauty parlor

This business is probably one the best business to start not in Bangaluru but also you can start it in any city as this is an evergreen business to start. As women love to love good. This starts this business you may have to invest a good amount of money, but you can also start this business from home if your budget is very tight. Or even you can start this business by offering home-to-home services.


The bakery is an evergreen business to do either in a large metropolis or in a small town. You will find a lot of businesses are operating already in Bengaluru. But you can enter this business with some twist, by offering fast delivery, custom orders, and taking large orders. By which your business will become highly demanding. you can also start this business from your home and this business have the power to generate a big amount of profit in small time.


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